“Sell It or Schedule It!” Training for Interior Designers

Did you get into interior design and find yourself doing everything BUT design?

Are you looking to do bigger, higher end projects but can’t seem to find those clients?

Do you struggle with being profitable?

Let’s talk.

In this age of transparency, some designers think they need to open their books and share their profit margins with clients. Or are challenged by clients who want them to pass along trade pricing so that they can get a ‘better deal’.

Being a good designer requires the talent and skills of designing, plus the knowledge and ability to structure your business so that your time is valued and paid for and your projects are delivered on time and on budget. It also requires understanding the business of design so that your projects make money for you.

To do this require a structure…which doesn’t mean to sacrifice creativity!

To achieve consistent results requires consistent behavior with requires a foundation and way of doing business that doesn’t vary by customer or project. 

We can work together to establish your particular design niche, your ideal customer to market to, your pricing structure to build profitability, your communications and agreements with clients so that your discussions yield favorable outcomes.  And we can do that at whatever stage your business is: early and still learning, healthy and thriving but disorganized, mature and time for reinvention.