“Sell It or Schedule It!” Training for Sales Managers

There is a straight line between sales performance and skilled sales management. 

As is true in sales, sales management is also a learned skill coupled with some natural gifts. Sales management is a multi-prong position of recruiting, training, coaching, and assisting salespeople to close opportunities and to build their personal business. To be a good sales leader, it’s helpful for the sales manager to have performed in the top quartile of a sales team, to have lived a sales commissioned life, to have worked for an organization that uses sales metrics, and to be someone who is a student of selling and who understands that process. To be a good coach and manager requires focus and clarity, keen questioning skills, the ability to listen deeply and to balance empathy and encouragement to get people - and to get them moving forward to meet their highest potential.

It’s a position that is pivotal to the consistent performance of the sales team, as salespeople will always, always, always need direction.

Using “Sell it or Schedule it” allows the sales manager to employ a solid process to train to, to coach from, and to measure in specific actions and results, so that they don’t have to spend time building their own process based on their sales autobiography. The process is divided into seven actionable steps that, when executed to satisfy each objective, will produce either a sale or an appointment.  And, because they are actions, they are easy to observe and to coach.

Built upon this sales training process are the skills of actually training your team (from building an initial sales training program to writing and presenting specific selling skills meetings) and coaching them (both formally – based on metrics and observations, to informally – on the fly) to increase their performance and results. 

Sales Management training happens online through Sales Management Master Mind Groups, through online training subscriptions programs, via individual virtual coaching programs, and onsite through group training and coaching programs. 

This multi layered approach (sales training first then sale management training) allows time to absorb, digest, practice all elements of sales and sales management processes so that the manager leaves with programs and actions for continued success. 

"Sell It Or Schedule It"
Training for Sales Managers


We will design a training program that will take your sales managers to their next level of performance. 


The ease and convenience of virtual meetings will maximize learning and minimize distractions.
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The Mastermind Cohort encourages you to learn from other managers as the individual coaching allows you to bring that knowledge to your sales team.