“Sell It or Schedule It!” Training for Sales Teams

Selling is a learned skill. There are some people who possess qualities that make them comfortable with the practice of selling: result orientation, ability to act without knowing all the answers, inquisitiveness about others, desire to solve problems, comfort with a variety of people, tenacity, willing to learn and keep trying, being coachable – to name a few. Even with these gifts, becoming a good salesperson takes the practice and integration of a reliable sales process. 

Sales occur with people. In B2B it might be by committee or team and in B2C it might involve more than one decision maker. The skill and task of selling, when you have a sales process to execute, isn’t a complicated process. What complicates selling is that it, in addition to the product/service/experience being sold, they need to learn where the buyer is in their buying process and the problem they are trying to solve or the vision they are trying to realize. That knowledge, and the questions to ask to determine it, is what separates good salespeople from great ones. With a cogent sales process that includes unearthing motivators of the buyer, and when competently executed, I assert that most people can learn to be ‘good to great’ salespeople…if they just follow the process.

What makes “Sell It or Schedule It” different from other sales processes is the simplicity of the intention (to sell it today because the customer can buy OR to make an appointment to sell it later because they cannot buy now) and the understanding of how the process of buying home furnishings unfolds. The “Sell it or Schedule it” sales process is regularly updated as changes in the marketplace and buying habits evolve, and as technology advances. It also involves using DISC behavioral assessment – distinguished, practiced, and integrated into every step in the sales process – because how people buy and how they do anything is determined by the behavioral preferences and motivations of their DISC profile. That applies to both the buyer and the seller. The ability of the seller to determine the DISC style of their buyer and to adapt to that style so that they can anticipate and work with the buyer’s predictable behavior is critical to consistent result achievement. 


“Sell it or Schedule it” can be formatted for on site or online delivery and has been packaged to fit a variety of budgets and audience sizes. Those who have engaged in the process with the intention of learning and practicing the skills of the process have achieved double digit increases in their performance, quickly and over time, as well as the satisfaction of doing complete work and doing it well. Their customers agree. 

"Sell It Or Schedule It"
Training for Sales Teams


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