You Won’t Win Them All

For sales professionals, everywhere
And you don’t have to win them all.
You want to win them all, will do your best to win them all, and sometimes obstacles will arise that will prevent that from happening.
There is ALWAYS something to learn that can be improved, eliminated, or adjusted.
You want to engage so that THEY feel heard and fully expressed and so that YOU can accomplish something - the sale today or to forward the sale today.
And when you fail to produce a result, look to see if there is a pattern to the failures: weak preparation, limited connection, not enough questions, weak use of information or presentation, poorly managed objections, no request for commitment, no follow up.
I PROMISE that you will start to see new opportunities to elevate your game when you are willing to objectively evaluate your performance and find where the gaps are in your sales game.
When you take 100% responsibility for your game and your actions, you will find a solution….and that’s another promise.
Now, go sell something!



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