Connection and Communication

Mask, no mask?

Social distance or get close enough to talk?

As the pandemic rails on and showrooms manage incoming opportunities, the ability to communicate while wearing a mask remains tricky.  It’s hard to read full facial expressions, to hear people who speak softly behind a mask, and to repeat once or twice to be understood. 

It’s helpful to the customer (for their comfort and information) to initiate how the interaction will go…and if someone needs to repeat what they said, it’s understood at the outset that it’s okay to do that. Yes, it’s stating the obvious, but these aren’t obvious circumstances. 

Initiating and having difficult conversations is a challenge for most people. As sales professionals, it’s critical that we see the engagement with the customer from their point of view as well as from our own perspective. And it’s on OUR watch to start a conversation that needs to be had so that they know that their comfort IS important to us.  It’s a frustrating time for all of us, for sure. And at a time when we want more and easier connection, we have a mask on and have 6 feet of social distance that keeps us apart. However, these are safeguards for all of us to come out healthier on the other side...and to come out at all. 

Be kind, be gentle, be brave….and be patient. It takes something, for sure. You’re up to it. Take a breath and straighten your crown. And thank you for all you are doing for your customers, for your family and for yourself. 

Now, go sell something.




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