Delays and Communication

We all wish it was different…that special orders could be placed and received within a couple of months.

We all wish that price increases didn’t accompany these delays…and yet they do. What we can stop wishing for and start acting on are the communications that need to happen with the customer.

If it’s not a habit to send monthly emails to your customers who placed a special order, make it one. Start by telling your customer (in their thank you note) that they can expect to hear from you every month to keep them abreast of the order timeline.

Schedule a weekly block of time on your calendar to check your order status report and send emails to selected customers letting them know that their order is on time – or not. If the latter, and it’s a short delay, send an email. If the time is significantly extended, pick up the phone and call them…leave a message for them to call you back if you don’t reach them. You don’t want to leave unpleasant news in a message.

The more often you initiate these communications, the more at ease you will put your customer, and the more comfortable you will be. And you will reduce the number of incoming “Where is my stuff?” calls that can send your day in a negative direction. Or worse, a cancellation.

You can’t wish these things away. However, the actions that you consistently take to manage them head on will benefit you in the long run.

Now, go schedule some emails and make some calls.




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