Everything Old is New Again

I am often asked by showroom owners to ‘focus on fundamentals of selling’….as if there was anything else. ☺

Selling home furnishings has been a consultative selling approach for as long as I have been involved in it. The archaic ‘borax’ sales approach died out with short-sleeved salesmen with even shorter neckties… and was replaced, with people (often women) who are interested in learning about the problem or the vision and helping solve those with engagement, understanding, and knowledge. Applying a sales approach to that format leads to a wonderful interaction for everyone.

And yet, there are factors to consistently revisit: connecting with a variety of people, asking great discovery questions (and adding new ones to the repertoire), making compelling presentations (and including technology), managing concerns with compassion and skill, and getting commitments to complete or to forward the sale…plus prospecting, great outreach and follow up actions.

How we file information, sort data, and even communicate may take on new formats, but the core elements of selling are the same. And to consistently produce strong results takes strong actions that are consistently taken.

Before seeking the advanced version, check out the original version and see if you are taking the actions every time…with every opportunity. Get good at basics before looking for something more. 

Now, go sell something.




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