Securing Appointments

What secures an appointment is a confirmation call and ALL in-person appointments need to be confirmed. If it's a morning appointment, ask them if a call the evening before or early that morning works better for them. If an afternoon appointment, tell them you will call them that morning (say between 9-11) to confirm the appointment.

A call works better than an email or a text because you want to TALK to them! And if you give them homework (whatever was missing when you met them such that you are making an appointment!), you will keep them connected to you and to the process. It will also be one of the things you check on when you call to confirm.

If the time of the in-person appointment no longer works for them, change it…and again, offer two times, two days at the best time of day for them to come in.

Confirmation calls (planned for in your calendar), sending calendar invitations to the customer, and giving them homework are THREE keys to securing appointments. Use all three of them and turn resistance into sales.

Now, go sell an appointment!




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