Why wait?

As traffic begins to slow in both retail and trade showrooms and we look to satisfy our commitment to making goal NO MATTER WHAT…we find that relying solely on the door is not a good strategy for achievement.

Relying on the door is a waiting game. And it puts all the eggs in one basket… and it’s not a sturdy basket. It may seem easier to just wait and see what happens, right? But what if the traffic is insufficient to make your goal at your current performance levels? Then what? Can you afford to wait and find out?
Probably not.

If this is new thinking for you, welcome aboard. You will be experimenting with actions that will feel awkward at first…only because they’re unfamiliar to you, not because they’re wrong or ineffective. It’s a process; be patient with yourself and stay active. And you will still have SOME incoming traffic to make the most of as you build the new skill of outreach.

If you get stuck or have questions, reach out to me for assistance. I’m here to help you. And all the blogs this month are dedicated to this topic and process…so keep reading!

Now, go start something new!




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