Who you gonna call?

Do you have your customers and prospects in a CRM or accessible and organized format?
Are your contacts stored somewhere that you can get to easily?

If you aren’t using a CRM program, you can get by with putting your contacts in Outlook or in an Excel or Google spreadsheet. You probably have systems in your computer (or the company does) that you can use to get started, so ask before you take on building something that might already be in existence.

For trade showrooms, begin to organize your accounts by the value of the account in terms of revenue and relationships…and how you are going to grow both areas with each account. If you need help with this, reach out to me. I have a structure for account management that will help you to organize this.

For retail showrooms, begin with closed sales for the last 12 months and identify what they bought (room, product, aesthetic) and what they might be considering next. Then go to your unsold quotes and begin a prospect list using your calendar when you reach out to them. I will talk more about who to call in the next blog, so stay tuned!

Now, go dig into your prospect and client list and get ready to call!




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