It’s not my job….Resist being resistant

In the showroom world, it’s understandable that sales associates will rely on incoming traffic for their business. After all, if they wanted to do outreach, they would be outside salespeople, right?!

Whether inside or outside, the role of a salesperson is to generate sales for the showroom and for themselves. The more flexible and innovative the salesperson is with HOW that achievement is executed, the more consistently their goal will be achieved. This is because they are not tethered to and reliant on only one process.

So, check your resistance. Is that inner voice saying: “I don’t want to!”? Is it telling you that ownership should be doing more marketing to increase traffic? Thank your inner voice for sharing, tell it to be quiet, and start to think about the actions you will take to drive your personal traffic into the showroom.

And congratulations for resisting your resistance!

Now, go call someone!




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