Asking…enough… Questions

How do you know if you have asked enough questions?
What is it you want to know? And are you asking the questions that will find that out?
As salespeople, we can all expect to learn more and ask better questions as we continue to develop our skills.
One of the clues that you are not asking enough questions is that objections arise when you try to close. What are the objections that consistently come up for you?

Or equally important, do you know where your buyer is in their buying process? When will they be able to buy? What else do they need to know or to do to confidently make a decision?

And lastly, are you asking enough questions to know the motivations and priorities of your prospective client/customer…so that you present ONLY to those …to compel action and say yes?

Consider that, no matter what, you are NOT asking enough questions and you need to evaluate your discovery process and see what is missing – and what it is costing you!

Now, go ask enough questions!



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