June is…what follows May

If your showroom is like other showrooms, April was soft, and May followed April in a similar fashion. Neither month are historically strong but that isn’t much solace when you are expecting to see a certain number of opportunities and they don’t come in the door. 

Remember that there are THREE ways to drive business and traffic is only one of them. Review your other areas for business: close ratio (increase the number of opportunities you close of the opportunities you get) and average sale (your total sales divided by the number of sales).
BOTH can be improved by ‘thinking with a pencil’ – digging deeper to get more information, to understand more fully the PR’s: PRiority, PRoblem, where in their PRocess the customer is. 

To make it simple, try this: Take your best recent month: HOW many sales did you make? And what was your average ticket? Now, do that again – irrespective of how many opportunities you get coming in the door unaided by you.  If you closed 25 sales at $3000 each, go do it again. Focus on what you DO with the opportunity to hit those two numbers, not on how much traffic is coming into the showroom. 

Now, go sell something!



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