Love Your Customers

Some customers are easier to love, aren’t they? Some are more decisive, appreciative, engaging, and communicative…right? How could you NOT love them?

For this conversation, let’s separate LIKE from LOVE.

Liking them has something to do with their behavior…you LIKE the way the talk, their sense of humor or style, their rhythm or the speed with which they do things…you just LIKE them. Maybe they are naturally similar to you, or they are kind and thoughtful… there is something about them that appeals to you. Liking them has a lot do to with them doing what you like.

Loving them has a lot to do with you and less to do with them. Loving them is about your generosity and openness. It’s about your willingness to accept them as they are and not judge who and how they are not…or not yet. Loving them means you are willing to work with where they are in their buying process and not push them to move too quickly or drop them because they are not ready to buy…yet. This is about you…loving them.

Loving them is a choice and an act of kindness. Loving them allows you to put your ego aside and be present to them and their idiosyncra
sies. And because you are loving them and not judging them or resisting who they are, you can have clear and patient conversations with them and set boundaries and expectations that you would be unable to (graciously) have if love wasn’t present.

This takes practice, and it takes catching yourself when you are not coming from a place of love and acceptance…and shifting to it. And the more you do it, the more you will do it.

Now, go love your customers.



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