Part 5 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

5. Personalized emails have higher open rates

Sales enablement statistics show us that people are more likely to associate vague, impersonal emails with spam. Personalizing the subject line or introductory sentence of an email can make all the difference. phone - keyboard

For Salespeople Be specific in the subject line: “About the sofa you liked…” If you created a next step with the prospect, this will be an easy email. If you didn’t, yet got their email address, it is important that the subject line is eye-catching and relatable to them and to the content of your email.  Consider that email is NOT always your best vehicle for sales interactions that intend to GET the sale, and you might need to pick up the phone.

For Sales Managers Keep an eye on this. Plan to sit with your salespeople and review their outgoing communications. Are they compelling? Do they have an action item for the prospect/customer? Would YOU open the email with the subject line that the salesperson is using? Help them to be better communicators, including knowing when to pick up the phone instead of the keyboard.



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