June is…what follows May

If your showroom is like other showrooms, April was soft, and May followed April in a similar fashion. Neither month are historically strong but that isn’t much solace when you are expecting to see a certain number of opportunities and they don’t come in the door. 

Remember that there are THREE ways to drive business and traffic is only one of them. Review your other areas for business: close ratio (increase the number of opportunities you close of the opportunities you get) and average sale …

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Tuition or Commission?

Tuition or Commission?

It’s that simple…

Either you write it up now and get commission…or you make an appointment to sell it later.

Those are commission producing actions and results.

OR you DON’T get the sale or the appointment…and you LEARN something from it.

You learn something about yourself. You learn what you could have done or done differently.

For that outcome you need to want to get something from this interaction with…

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The Final PR Word

For Sales Professionals, everywhere…..
This is the last of four blogs in the series on PR words. How did the last blog about the buyer’s PRocess impact what you know about where your client/customer is in their decision making…and what you are able to complete and achieve with them today? Our final P R word is….

  • Based on what we have learned about their problem, what matters most to them, and where they are in their process, what are the best product solutions for them?
  • H…

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The Second PR Word

This is the second in a series of four blogs about P R words. What did you gain from the last blog to learn more about the PRoblem that your client/customer is facing? Let’s keep looking at our next P R word….

  • What matters MOST to them NOW? 
  • What are the key and essential elements of the problem they are trying to solve or the vision they are trying to realize?
  • What are the motivating aspects of this process and decision that is driving them now? 

This part of the sales i…

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The 4 PR Words

Nope, it’s not about public relations. This is the first in a series of four words beginning with P R that are critical to ask and to know. 
P and R are the first two letters of FOUR words that impact the sales interaction and the outcome. These are questions we should be asking them and ourselves about what is in the mind of the customer/client and what is driving their decision-making. Let’s look….

  • What is behind this purchase and decision?
  • What is the ‘current reality’ that th…

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Structures and Support

“I don’t write goals, but I have them in my head.”  What??
If you’ve heard yourself say that, challenge its efficacy: DID you really achieve the goal? Did you even have one? Or is that something you say to avoid the responsibility of making a commitment and then taking the actions to achieve the goal? 

Some facts about goals: 

  1. You need to write them down. The action of thinking it through and articulating what you want is powerful and part of the process.
  2. Put your goals somewhere that yo…

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Identifying Pitfalls and Traps

Are you good for the first three days into a new initiative and then start to slip?
When do you stop doing the actions that you committed to?
Do you start to tell yourself: “It’s not that bad” or “It’s not that important?”

Rather than avoiding these natural tendencies, include them in your goals. Consider them BEFORE they happen so that when they pop up, you will be prepared for them.

For example, if you know that you start the month strong, make your first week goals and miss your thi…

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Guardrails #2

To continue with the guardrail conversation… setting boundaries.
A boundary that helps guide the conversation is the ability to say “No.”

Say NO when the client/customer asks for things that cannot be done – either within the current budget or timeframe.
Say NO when the client/customer asks for additions without adding to what they are paying for it. 
Say NO when the client/customer asks you to ‘take it out of your commission’.
Say NO when the client/customer asks you to do something that you know is…

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Consider the skill it takes to collaborate with a client/customer to find a solution that they can say ‘yes’ to. That skill takes practice to develop and a belief that the practice will enhance the interaction and the outcome. And that the practice of collaboration and problem-solving will lead to more effective outcomes.

If you are achieving that, it is because you chose to try something different… and were willing to be uncomfortable with the process (and yet trust it!) so that you could produc…

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How can we bring gratitude to questioning? When do we need it the most?

Let’s look at where questions start. Are they coming from a place of interest and helpfulness?

Are the questions originating from compassion and a desire to understand?

Are the questions courageous (tough to ask but we know we must) and considerate (asked in a
way that is respectful and kind)?

When a sales interaction is successful (in that it produced a sale or an appointment), take a moment to present and to be gratef…

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