Practice – the concept

Most of us would agree that to achieve excellence or to be good at something, we have to practice. Right?

We may have natural talent in an area of interest, but talent alone will only get us so far. To go beyond our innate skills, we’ve got to practice.

Conceptually, practice equates with something of interest. To invest the time to practice, we would need the desire to improve…to learn beyond what we know…to discover and expand our limits…to experience ourselves beyond who we know oursel…

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Everything Old is New Again

I am often asked by showroom owners to ‘focus on fundamentals of selling’….as if there was anything else. ☺

Selling home furnishings has been a consultative selling approach for as long as I have been involved in it. The archaic ‘borax’ sales approach died out with short-sleeved salesmen with even shorter neckties… and was replaced, with people (often women) who are interested in learning about the problem or the vision and helping solve those with engagement, understanding, and knowledge. Ap…

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Conscious Consistency

Conscious Consistency. I love the way this sounds. It came up in a coaching call (as so many things do!) and I had to write it down.

Conscious. Consistency. Two related but separate qualities that contribute to making new habits. Cool, huh?

Conscious. Present. Mindful. In the moment. Paying attention. Being focused on the action now. Noticing my thinking and how it impacts my actions. 

Consistency. Repeating things that work. And again. Noticing how the action starts to become second na…

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Ending the First Month in the New Year

Whew! Month one in and done.

Are you off to a good start? Did you start and stop and start again? Did you hit your target for January yet?

This is a good beginning, whatever the outcome. You are starting a new process and you are completing your first milestone. Take a look at your actions and results and find something to celebrate – even it’s just sticking to the program! 

You are likely in this for the long run and not just a quick accomplishment, so slow and steady wins the race.

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Part 20 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added


20.   An average company loses 10% of its customer base every year

Don’t be discouraged! This is just a lesson in prospecting and staying ahead of your sales pipeline. Stay active and continuously reach out to new prospects and past clients to keep your pipeline full and your team looking ahead.


Simply put, keep prospecting and don’t take it personally. If you lose more than 10%, you might want to explore further to discover why that is. However, if you ask for referrals, market cons…

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Part 16 of 20: HubSpot Sales Statistics…With Secret Sauce Added

16.    Salespeople who seek out and use referrals earn 4–5x more sales

A whopping 91 percent of customers say they would be willing to give referrals for companies and products they are happy with, but only 11 percent of salespeople ask for them!


Salespeople Yikes! These are crazy numbers! And yet, as I read them I know that AS a salesperson, this is my weakest area. Maybe it’s habit, maybe it’s discomfort asking for more than the sale that was just closed, maybe it’s a lack of skill or languag…

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