Commitment and Communication

The home furnishings and home improvement industries have been drinking from a fire hose for the last year. Lots of showroom traffic consisting of people who have been staying home…and using their tired, broken, uncomfortable furniture much more than they used to. And they have been buying like crazy!

August traffic lessened a bit. Maybe vacations, maybe their houses are getting full, maybe they have COVID. Whatever the reason, less traffic didn’t necessarily equal less written business, as those who came in were there to buy.

The challenge now is to not bemoan a reduction in traffic as anything but that: fewer opportunities. If every customer is treated as if they are here to buy and the communication and direction is geared to that result, a sale will occur. Or an appointment.

Stephen Covey said: “How we see the problem is the problem”. If you see fewer customers as an opportunity to spend more time with each one and create a commitment, you will do that. If you see fewer customers as a sign of their desire to buy (or else they would be somewhere else), then you will create an outcome. If you see fewer customers as a lack of opportunity and a threat to your income, then you will squander each opportunity you do get. YOU choose how you see it. Choose wisely.

Now, go make something happen with your next up.




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