Gratitude is often in reaction to something happening that we wanted to have happen, such as simple things like a good parking space and more complex things like a good relationship…or being grateful for coming through adversity having gained insight and success. 

I start my day with a prayer of gratitude and a request for patience and willingness. Yes, willingness.

To not let my stubbornness and resistance take over what I am experiencing or expecting. To be open to new ideas, opinions, or ways of doing things. 

I know that I need to generate being grateful as it is easy to slip into noticing what I am unhappy with or thinking ‘should’ be going my way. If I generate being grateful then the experience and feeling of gratitude emerges.  

Being grateful becomes a habit by creating it – intentionally and frequently – as an action throughout the day. Often, when working with clients, the conversation comes down to generating an attitude rather than waiting for it to show up on its own. Gratitude is like that, too. 

My day ends with a review of what was gained during the day and learned, what I missed or mistook, and what I am grateful for having experienced. 

How do you make gratitude a place you operate from? What have you experienced by doing that?

Now, go be grateful for something…anything. 




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