The Last Month of the Year

December is a funny month. 

For retail showrooms, this tends to be a slower traffic month with a lower average sale. And, like November, it also tends to be a good delivery month, with holidays driving making homes lovely for family and guests. 

Residential trade business continues to be strong and retail traffic has started to wane a bit but is still sufficient to hit targets. And trade showrooms can go either way as these are not typical times. 

Given the unpredictability, this is a challenging month to make your yearly goal if you haven’t been on track for the last several months. But it can be a month to learn from for next year. 

Spend time reviewing the year and ask yourself,
In the new year….
  • What are the changes in the marketplace and the customer? 
  • What technology elements need to be upgraded to improve efficiency and effectiveness? 
  • How can I organize my database and my schedule to increase new business?

December is a valuable month for reflection and planning. When you understand it for what it is and take steps to capitalize on what it has to offer, it can be a good month, indeed. 

Now, go start reflecting and taking notes!




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