Conscious Consistency

Conscious Consistency. I love the way this sounds. It came up in a coaching call (as so many things do!) and I had to write it down.

Conscious. Consistency. Two related but separate qualities that contribute to making new habits. Cool, huh?

Conscious. Present. Mindful. In the moment. Paying attention. Being focused on the action now. Noticing my thinking and how it impacts my actions. 

Consistency. Repeating things that work. And again. Noticing how the action starts to become second nature and then not noticing it at all as it becomes part of me. 

This is a process of making a habit and bringing both elements together to support the new action and the new result.
What can you imagine it will do for you? How will you remind yourself?

Now, go…. breathe, focus, begin…and create an outcome that matters. 




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