In this series, I am going to share a perspective with you that will have a lasting impact. These three initial points added together create something…something worth sticking around for. 

When people have a home furnishings problem, they seek a solution with a designer or with a retail showroom. They come with a problem to be solved or a vision to be realized – or both. It is up to the professional service provider to find out what that is and to satisfy it. 

To put this into place, start by asking the next opportunity you work with this question: “What is the problem you are trying to solve…or the vision you are trying to create?”
Then be quiet and let them talk…and take notes. 

Ask more questions about the problem…
“What have you already tried?”
“How long have you been living with this and what has the impact been on you?”
“What would happen if you didn’t solve this?”
…and be okay with whatever they say, because it’s just information. And be present to however they are about how this problem impacts them. The more room you give them to talk and explore, the more you will understand what they are dealing with and how you can help them to solve it. 

And the more engaged you are with them in solving their problem, the more committed they will be to having you be part of the solution.

Now, go ask some problem questions.




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