As we did in the first blog of this series (Problems….), we will focus on one element. One element that when added to the others creates something magical. 

Priorities are those things that matter most. And there aren’t a lot of them, which is what makes them priorities. 

When working with a designer or with a retail customer, ask what the priorities of the project/product are…and limit them to THREE. 

Ask: “What are the three most important elements to you?” Then listen and take notes. 

Ask: “Tell me what makes (each of) those important to you?” More listening and note-taking. 

If their priorities limit other options, tell them so now. 

For example, with a retail customer who has to find a sofa right away, and the reason is that they have company coming next weekend that they didn’t expect, then say:

“We can find you something that will satisfy your company now and satisfy you in the long run. To do that, I am going to ask you to be flexible about the style and about the price…can you do that?” And wait for a response. 

And when you select a solution that satisfies the problem and matches their priorities, it will limit the number of options you present – and that is intentional. You want to present priorities in order to make a compelling presentation. And a compelling presentation is what your customer will say Yes to…which is the ONLY point of a sales presentation. 

Now, go ask some questions to determine some priorities. 




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