The Start of a New Quarter

The beauty of quarters is that they are measurable and manageable components of time that allow for a bit more breathing room than months alone allow. 

As sales professionals, we are challenged to make goal every month and to make goal every quarter. However, it doesn’t always work that smoothly…with significant goals, you might miss goal one month, go a bit over the next month, and look to square up the quarter in the third month…which is why I like quarterly goals so much.

Each quarter tends to have a strong month (with double-digit value: 12% of 100% of the year) and a weaker month (single-digit value: 7% of 100% of the year). And the quarters don’t tend to comfortably represent 25% each quarter, which is why a 3-year history of months and quarters is a good way to get the pattern of business each year. 

So, with Q1 behind us, what are the expectations for Q2? As homeowners raise the shades of winter darkness, what is revealed that needs to be replaced? What will spring cleaning uncover that needs a facelift? What will you bring to this quarter that is fresh, inspired, exciting…to share with your teammates and with prospective clients? What will your energy say about you that will be irresistible to new opportunities?

Let’s make this bright and shiny new quarter the best one yet!

Now, go create something!




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