Intended Outcomes

My program, “Sell it or Schedule it”™, is called that because the ONLY outcomes of a selling interaction is to close the sale or to arrange another contact time…in order to close the sale. To either write it up today because the customer is far enough along in their buying process to be able to confidently decide…or they aren’t! In the case of the latter, an appointment will ‘forward’ or ‘advance’ the sale so that you can close it at the next contact.

Anything else isn’t an outcome, but a step in the process. The outcome is first determined by the salesperson and their intention of the interaction, as well as the actions associated with that intention, and determining where the customer is in their buying process.

Appointments happen on the phone, online, in the showroom, or onsite. Appointments are the ‘what’s next?’ that keep the connection going and the sale expanding. Make them a tool in your toolbox as, along with sketching, they are a high-impact tool that will increase your average sale AND your close ratio.

Now, go focus on what you want to achieve.



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