Organized for Appointments

The Greek poet Archilochus said: “We don’t rise to the level of our expectations; we fall to the level of our training”. The same is true for our level of structure and organization.

If we are really intending to manage our actions in time and achieve our targeted outcomes by successfully making and executing appointments, we need to be structured to do that.

And that means to be organized by having appointments IN YOUR CALENDAR as one-hour placeholders, using the repeat function on your digital calendar. For example, EVERY Tuesday and Thursday morning you have a 9:00 appointment that repeats and is customized – for this event only – whenever you open that event and schedule it as an actual appointment. Plan to schedule 10 appointments per week at low showroom traffic times.

Allow your customer to see your calendar if they are in person with you. And if your calendar is pre-set with appointment times that are good for YOU, and they see other Dollar Producing Actions that are in your calendar, they will SEE that you are busy (and good!) and that making an appointment with you is imperative. You should also schedule confirmation calls every day for the in-person appointments you have on your calendar.
And send them a calendar invitation for the appointment – with notes: “Confirm selection, place order”.

Now, go organize your calendar for appointments!



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