Cold call, warm call, hot call…what is it? Go with the easy ones first

Outreach occurs on an ominous note because we collapse outreach with cold calls…which many salespeople fear and despise…and consequently, aren’t very good at…so the cycle never gets broken and the perspective continues.
If you see the relevance and value of outreach but don’t have much experience with it, the fear and resistance are understandable. So, let’s start with the easy stuff…hot and warm calls.

Hot calls are those customers who are actively looking, and you happened to connect with them somewhere in their buying process. When you reach out to them, be prepared that they may have already purchased elsewhere. So be it. Ask for other things (specifically) in the room or project that someone else didn’t sell them. This is a good example of the power of sketching and taking notes during your discovery phase to expand the project and have content for future conversations.

Warm calls might be hot leads who have cooled over time and may still be in the buying process…and the only way to know is to call and find out. Warm calls are past clients with whom you have a good connection and understanding of what they might need to enhance their project or space. Warm calls are also calls after delivery to ‘complete’ the space…another new opportunity!

The key here is to call people you have connected with – recently or well or both – and strike up a conversation. “What has happened in your life since we last spoke?” is a good opener. Try the easy ones first. And call early in the morning. Call don’t email.

And let me know how it goes. You’re going to be great at this…and notice we didn’t even talk about cold calls!

Now, go call one of your favorite customers!



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