Why Summarize?

Summarizing is a fairly new concept for me to work with, so bear with me as I share my initial and inchoate understanding of this valuable tool…so enjoy and use what I know now and please stay tuned for more as I continue to learn what this tool will create and accomplish.

What does summarizing and recapping bring to the sales interaction? Why should we do this?

For both the salesperson and the client/customer it manages distractions. It’s easy to go off on a tangent or to start adding more layers and considerations when trying to solve a problem or to express a vision. It’s understandable and it’s exhausting. Consciously recapping gets both parties focused on the essential elements so that they can continue to hone the issue and the solution.

For the salesperson, it gets you in sync with your client/customer. It shows that you are listening, referring to your notes, and wanting to encapsulate and focus on the key components.

It also helps you to identify what has been agreed to and what remains to be decided. That will keep the client/customer from getting confused by too many details or too many things to choose from.

It’s a new skill and a new direction. Stay with me as we spend time expanding on this topic.

Now, go open your mind and sharpen your focus.



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