How to Summarize?

“Let’s recap where we are now….”
“Let’s look at what has been decided and what remains…”
“Let’s summarize where we are now and make sure we are focused on your priorities.”

Notice that these are all ‘stop action’ statements by the salesperson…directing what the next action will be and the benefit of that action.

Summarizing will let the customer/client take a breath and not add new information to the conversation.
It will allow the salesperson to pause and take a breath, get to neutral, review, and get agreement from the customer/client. The salesperson can review their sketch and notes and see what is missing or what matters that might be getting overlooked or diminished. They can star or circle the priorities to make sure they have been addressed.

It’s really a simple and powerful action that will make a huge difference in the actions that follow it.
Please let me know how you are using it and the results you are achieving.

Now, go practice summarizing!



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