Asking for the Commitment…are you asking enough?

Here’s a question…when you KNOW that the solution you presented is spot on, and the customer agrees…and yet they have a question or a concern – which you overcome, do you then ask for the sale?
And if they hesitate or say: ‘I want to think about it,’ do you manage it and ask for the sale again?
And if the sale is not forthcoming, do you ask for and get an appointment – to ask for the sale again?

Okay, this might seem like waaaayyyyy too much for you. You may call it too aggressive. Too insensitive. Too persistent. Too deaf to a "no."
Except that there wasn’t a "no." There was an “I don’t know” or maybe even a “Not now.” At this point, review their priorities, and either ask for the sale or set an appointment to revisit what they agreed to as an appropriate outcome.

The question here is ‘are you willing to ask for the sale enough, and ask often enough, to produce a sale?’
Are you?

Now, dial up your focus and be prepared to ask for the sale more than once!



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