Follow Up…enough to get a result?

As an industry, whether retail or trade home furnishings showrooms, we tend to be weak in follow-up. Not everyone, but as an industry, this is a shortcoming. Please consider that there is room for growth here.

Start by planning to schedule follow-up and outreach actions into your work week, not letting them fall into 'when you get to it' status. AND plan them at the best time to produce the desired action –to connect and to get a sale or an appointment.

Notice: When do you give up? When is enough, enough?
That would be a judgment call. AND I think most salespeople err on the side of stopping too soon. Or they stop trying different or multiple methods and using different messages to get a response.

Is this frustrating? To be sure, it is.
Is it effective? Usually, it is…just by being persistent…and reaching out at the right time.
Is it worth it? Yes. And when it isn’t, you will have learned something…something you could have done earlier in the sales interaction that might have produced a different outcome.

Now, go pick up the phone and call or text someone!




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