Practice – the concept

Most of us would agree that to achieve excellence or to be good at something, we have to practice. Right?

We may have natural talent in an area of interest, but talent alone will only get us so far. To go beyond our innate skills, we’ve got to practice.

Conceptually, practice equates with something of interest. To invest the time to practice, we would need the desire to improve…to learn beyond what we know…to discover and expand our limits…to experience ourselves beyond who we know ourselves to be.

Practice does that.

As a child, I didn’t have a relationship to practice. I went to dancing school and never practiced…and wasn’t embarrassed enough during class to practice the new steps for the next class. When I look at that time, I must look at the conditions – did I have an environment for practice? How do you tap dance on carpeted floors? Was it encouraged? Was time set aside for it?

The same applied to homework and art. I did what I was good at and winged it (and failed) at what I wasn’t naturally interested in. Only later in life, when what I wanted to achieve was clear, did I make practice part of my life. And it has been a gift that keeps on giving.

Now, go practice something that matters to you.




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