Practice - the practice

It sounds funny…but practice is a practice. Medicine is a practice…as are yoga and meditation.

Practice practicing. Some of that is thinking of practice as a repetition to develop a skill. Or through practice, to develop an understanding of the nature of practice…the emotions that are part of it, the stages to be experienced, the discomfort and awkwardness that is PART of the practice and of development.

Practice allows us to build a relationship to discomfort so that we can see it for what it is…just discomfort, which comes with practice. And the more we practice, the less we are stopped by discomfort – in our practice and in anything - because we experience discomfort differently… because of our practice.

It’s wild, isn’t it? So, when you find yourself uncomfortable with doing something new, it’s because it’s unfamiliar and you haven’t developed those chops yet. Discomfort indicates growth. Bring intentionality to your practice and discomfort. Embrace it as evidence of expansion.

Now, go practice something intentionally…and feel the discomfort!




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