Guardrails #1

In the very simplest of terms, as a sales professional, our job is to make it easy for our customers/clients to say yes… and to buy from us. 
To do that, we need to truly be responsible for the entire sales interaction and how it goes, and where it ends up.
Guardrails help that. 

By guardrails, I mean guiding the conversation so that it doesn’t veer off course and stays in the lane for the intended outcome. Guardrails include asking questions that will direct the discussion and get the answers needed to solve the problem or to create the vision. Asking the questions that take the conversation where it needs to go. 

Guardrails also include managing the expectations of the buyer so that they align with reality versus something they imagined would be included or realized. 
Is this hard to do? Yes. And it gets easier with practice and with ownership of the outcome. 

Now, go set some guardrails!




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