Setting Goals

Happy New Year! (How long can we say that…all the way to the end of January…or the first time you speak with someone in the new year?)
If your goals aren’t completed yet (of course you have started them!), not to worry. Get busy on them so that you can start planning your strategy and actions. Here is a structure that works:
Always articulate your goals as a RESULT. Example: Write $1.2m in 2023. This example is the first rule:

S - Specific - Not vague or ambiguous. - [Write $1.2m] in 2023. 
M - Measurable - Can be counted. - Write [$1.2m] in 2023.
A - Attainable - Can be achieved. - Write [$1.2m in 2023].
R - Relevant - Matters to you.
T - Timebound - Within a specific timeframe. - Write $1.2m in [2023]. 

Why do you want this goal to be achieved? What will it bring you and your life that matters to you? What will it cost you if not achieved? Whether you're motivated to GET something or to AVOID something, they both help you to take consistent and frequent actions that you have not been taking. You want to be able to look at this motivation when you get the “I don’t want to’s!” and have it propel you into action. Consider this strongly.

Now, go get your goals written!




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