Identifying Pitfalls and Traps

Are you good for the first three days into a new initiative and then start to slip?
When do you stop doing the actions that you committed to?
Do you start to tell yourself: “It’s not that bad” or “It’s not that important?”

Rather than avoiding these natural tendencies, include them in your goals. Consider them BEFORE they happen so that when they pop up, you will be prepared for them.

For example, if you know that you start the month strong, make your first week goals and miss your third or fourth week goals. Use your momentum to help you when you have energy and interest early in the period against when you may start to get frustrated or discouraged if you aren’t on track later in the month. Or, if you notice that you are more productive when you come in before the showroom opens, build that into your strategy and action plan. 

Now, go identify your pitfalls and include them!




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