Actions Matter

Actions repeated create habits. 
Actions are the only things that create results (not feelings or intentions or circumstances).
I often review goals that have action plans that are ‘insufficient for goal achievement.” What I mean by that is that the actions might have a value of $750K when repeated…which is GREAT…except that the goal is $1.1m. That’s not great. Make sure that the QUANTITY and the QUALITY of your actions are sufficient for the desired results. If you are not on track with your goals, I can almost guarantee that the number of actions to take are not enough AND/OR the quality of the action itself (when taken, how delivered) is not what will achieve the result.

As you make your action plan, ask yourself: HOW many of these actions do I need to take in a specific time period? HOW will I evaluate the quality of the action itself?

Now, go set some fabulous ACTIONS!




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