Costly Conspirators

Our first foray into Imperfections this month was to consider them as Charming Idiosyncrasies, which they surely can be.
Another point of view is that imperfections are not so charming or amusing. And those imperfections that impact our own efforts and those of others are particularly troublesome. We may look away from these and hope that others don’t notice, but they do notice. 

Imperfections that impact others, like chronic tardiness or inability to complete a task on time, begin to wear on relationships and on team spirit. When those imperfections are enabled by leadership (I won’t call you on yours if you don’t call me on mine…or a leader who is challenged to have difficult conversations about actions and performance) they erode the energy of a group and the ultimate effectiveness of the team.

Since we all have them, let’s ferret them out…the big ones and the little ones. And let’s get real about our relationship with them so that we can manage them versus them managing us.

Now, go dig up something interesting.




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