Opportunities for Growth

Imperfections exist, and acknowledging and accepting that fact is helpful in order to move with them and through them. 
When we accept them as part of the package, we can own them without defending, excusing, or avoiding…they just are.

From that point, we can expand our view and ask: How is this habit and behavior affecting me? How does it impact others? What do I gain from it and what does it cost me?

And we can choose new actions. 

If you are in a sales leadership role, and you have a tardiness issue…I can almost guarantee that tardiness will show up on your team. It will color how your team listens to you and how they accept your leadership. My question is: do you want to let something like tardiness influence how others see you? Do you want coming in late to erode your ability to direct the actions of others?

And if you are a salesperson who cannot get to work on time, there is a similar impact: your co-workers and your leaders will not roll their eyes at your lateness and think it’s cute. They will grow to resent it and it will flavor your relationship and team inclusion. And then there are your clients and customers….

Take a look: Where are the opportunities for growth for you this year? What habits have developed over time that have worn thin and created divisions between you and your teammates? Take ONE on this year. Just one. And make it one that matters to you. 

Now, go pick something important.




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