Respecting Time by Making Appointments

As part of organizing actions in time, establish pre-arranged appointment times for when they work best for YOU (scheduled at lower opportunity times for other, harder-to-control actions). Use the repeat feature on your calendar so that you hold those times week after week. When you offer an appointment time that is agreed to, send a calendar invitation that can be accepted and ‘saved for this event only’ from the series…leaving that spot open next week at the same time. Increase the opportunity to produce the desired result of the appointment by putting the meeting objective in the Notes section (for example, ‘confirm selection, place order’).

Appointments happen on the phone and in person. Schedule enough time to call and confirm ALL in-person appointments to make sure that they happen as intended and that whatever preparation is needed to satisfy the objective of the appointment has or can be completed beforehand.

Once you start organizing your time with appointments you will wonder how you lived without them! They greatly increase your ability to accomplish what you intend to accomplish, especially when it involves other people and how they manage THEIR actions in time!
Now, go schedule some appointments!




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