As well as we can plan our time and be vigilant in protecting our time from being unnecessarily taken up by others, there is still a sneaky little gremlin called Procrastination.

Procrastination is sneaky because it looks like taking a break. It looks like being productive when we shift our attention to something that needs attention, but maybe not as much or not right now…especially if it is less important to achieving our goals than what we are currently working on.

It’s good to LOOK for WHEN we are apt to procrastinate. When deadlines loom? When we have not allowed enough time to complete a task? When we are unsure how to proceed or how to complete a task? There is likely a pattern or prompt that can be recognized. Watch how it is likely to unfold.

And just take one at a time…just one. And build the muscle to address procrastination head-on and direct it away from your actions to achieve your targets.

You can do this.

Now, go find that gremlin!




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