The Third PR Word

This is the third of a series of four blogs. What did you get from the last blog learning about the PRiorities that your client/customer is trying to satisfy? Our next P R word is….

  • Where are they in their decision-making process….and how are you going to find out?
  • Are they expecting or able to decide today…or will another meeting be necessary to complete this process?
  • What do they already know or are using as a measure of comparison? 
  • How will you ‘forward the sale’ and move them closer to the sale if you are unable to close today?
  • Is there anything missing from their process that would prevent them from deciding now?

I assert that it is as important to find out where the buyer is in their process as it is to learn about their problem or their priorities. WHERE they are in the process impacts the actions that can be taken by you and by them like whether you ask them to buy/order today or make an appointment to move the process forward. 

Now, go ask the questions you need to ask…to know the outcome to direct them to today.



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