The Final PR Word

For Sales Professionals, everywhere…..
This is the last of four blogs in the series on PR words. How did the last blog about the buyer’s PRocess impact what you know about where your client/customer is in their decision making…and what you are able to complete and achieve with them today? Our final P R word is….

  • Based on what we have learned about their problem, what matters most to them, and where they are in their process, what are the best product solutions for them?
  • How will you position product suggestions based on what you learned about their problem and where they are (now) in their process?
  • How will what you tell them be driven by their PRiorities?
  • Will your product solution be something that they will (easily) say YES to?

You may have noticed that we learn about each of these areas by asking questions. We need to know WHAT we need to know (as sellers about our buyers) and we need to ask ALL of the questions we need to ask in order to know these things. The person who is asking the questions is the person who is driving the interaction and the outcome. Please, let that be you.

Now, go sell something.



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