Sell it or Schedule it: Your Operating System

To recap: The flrst level of Sell it or Schedule it as a sales manager is to be able to demonstrate the process and to produce a sale or an appointment.
The second level is to be able to train and coach the process with the sales team to improve results.
The last level is to use Sell it or Schedule it as your operating system with the sales team. This puts the understanding and execution of the process in a full circle.

Let me explain by asking a few questions…
How are you using voice and body match to connect with your sales associates?
How are you including an understanding of their DISC style in your one-on-one coaching sessions?
How are you using Discovery Questions to ask and understand the motivating elements of your sales associates?
How are you using the Strategy for Managing Concerns when a salesperson says they don’t think that sketching is that valuable?
How do you schedule appointments for one-on-one meetings with your sales associates?
Notice that? HOW are you bringing Sell it or Schedule into nearly every element and interaction of your sales manager role…living and demonstrating the process in a variety of ways?
This part might be a novel concept for you. Just sit with it and see how it correlates with your understanding of the role of sales manager and the information needed to execute it.
And if you still have questions, please reach out to me and we can discuss.

Now, go and put Sell it or Schedule it into your life in a whole new way!




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