What is Your Relationship to Organization?

As a natural list maker, it still surprises me when I work with someone who relies solely on a daily to-do list and doesn’t use a calendar. Is that you?

A daily to-do list is an insufficient structure for organizing actions in time. They are good vehicles for prioritizing results per day…but using them exclusively fosters high stress and a narrow perspective…which is why I encourage using a calendar with at least a weekly view. It encourages a wider vision of the time allowed and the best time to take the actions needed to produce the desired result. 

If you are using a daily to-do list, upgrade to a weekly view of a calendar. 
If you are using a paper calendar, upgrade to a technology calendar that syncs your phone and computer. 

If you are using a computerized calendar, upgrade to using it as a planner and use the repeat function to plan activities into the future…you will be glad you did. More about this in the next blog. 

Now, go start your upgrades!




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