Be Organized BY Appointment

Last month my blogs were about ‘leading by example’ as a sales manager: to demonstrate Sell it or Schedule it with a guest, to coach a sales associate from Sell it or Schedule it, and to use Sell it or Schedule it as an operating system for interactions and intentional outcomes. 
The same goes for being organized - by appointment. 

When one is committed to making appointments and sees the value in making them, they will organize their calendar accordingly, with slots dedicated to appointments in the morning or afternoon. These appointments are at times that work for the sales manager at the start or the end of the day, which also tend to be times for others (salespeople and customers) to accept and accommodate. And they are at the best times to produce the desired result of that appointment, which is a commitment of some sort. Once you establish the best days and times for appointments, use the repeat function to lock these in…so you will always have them in your consciousness as available times. 

Now, go schedule some appointment times!




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