Take the Actions That Create Appointments

Actions are the only things that produce results. When appointments are the target, there are specific actions to take, in a sequence, that will get them on the calendar, get them accepted via invitation, and get the result intended – namely, the sale.  Here they are in chronological order:

  • Organize your calendar to schedule 8-10 appointments per week – at times YOU set.
  • Enter EACH customer interaction INTENDING to accomplish a sale or an appointment. 
  • Recognize when an appointment WILL be the outcome: BADAS Questions/Answers.
  • Introduce the idea early in the conversation – when you learn there is something missing and they cannot buy today.
  • Declare ‘that’s your homework!’ as soon as you realize that something is missing.
  • Use homework to keep them connected to you and to fill in whatever is missing that kept them from buying when they were in the store. 
  • Ask if they prefer to meet or speak again to complete the sale.
  • Find out what time of day is best to meet or speak again (morning or afternoon)
  • Offer a choice of two days and two times – specific times.
  • Put the appointment in your calendar and email the appointment to them. Put in ‘notes’ of appointment. “Confirm selection. Place order.”
  • Recap before they leave – what is decided and yet to be decided – and repeat in an email.
  • Schedule a window of time to call to confirm ALL in person appointments.
  • Call to confirm – and using the opportunity to check on homework, ask questions, overcome objections, and prepare to meet them and close the sale.
  • Prepare to close the sale at the appointment.
  • Close the sale at the appointment.

Now, go use the list to identify the actions you need to take!



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