DISC – Influencer Style

I use DISC as a core competence for sales professionals. Last week I focused on the Dominant style. this week I'm focusing on the Influencer style.

Influencers are also fast paced, and are expressive, outgoing and engaging. They motivate and encourage others to accomplish and produce results. As performers, they may produce up and down results, as they tend to shoot from the hip rather than follow a process. They have a unique and individual presentation and may have a ‘signature look’. Expect lots of facial expression, overt gestures, vocal variety. They are excitable and squealing might occur! They speak in hyperbole: “I LOVE this!” and words like amazing, unbelievable, fantastic and have never met an exclamation point that they didn’t use! They are usually the one to initiate conversations and often use compliments to do that. Under pressure they might be distracted and unfocused. What creates pressure for them: having to take too many actions/details, mundane repetitive actions.

ADAPT BY: Being flexible, energetic, engaging …and look for unique options for solutions.

Now, go have some fun with an Influencer!



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