DISC – Steadiness Style

I use DISC as a core competence for sales professionals. Last week I focused on the Influencer style. This week I'm focusing on the Steady style.

Steadies are accommodating and conforming and find the opinions of others important in their decision making. They smile when you look at them, have gentle expressions, and will not usually initiate conversations. Comfort matters to them – both physical and emotional - as evidenced by their casual dress and their use of words like “feeling, understanding, appreciate…” They tend to have a greater concern for others than they have for themselves. They dislike conflict and under pressure might back down and give in. They are equally uncomfortable with change, so they need time to get used to doing things differently. What creates pressure for them:  being dominated or pressured to take action quickly.

ADAPT BY:  Being patient with their process and the inclusion of other people in their decision making.

Now, go be kind and friendly to a Steady!



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