DISC – Compliance Style

I use DISC as a core competence for sales professionals. Last week I focused on the Steady style. This week I'm focusing on the Compliant style.

Compliance style people have a strong commitment to accuracy and specifics, which is surpassed only by their high level of detail and precision. They value information and trust facts, especially from credible sources. They will avoid conflict, prefer to not make eye contact, and their communication will include a lot of factual information, delivered in a measured fashion, and usually about the task at hand. They ask ‘how?’ questions. They don’t like physical contact with others (no hugging!) and very personal conversation. Their decision making is slow and methodical, and under pressure, they tend to focus on the facts, even those that are less important than other facts. What creates pressure for them: not enough preparation, inaccurate information, ‘guess-timating’ by others.

ADAPT BY: Being organized and accurate, putting things in writing, answering their questions completely, and refraining from offering them too many options. 

Now, go practice your thoroughness with a Compilant!



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